How thoughtful! EU Brexit chief offers Britain ‘fast track’ if it wants to REJOIN Brussels

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The EU has offered Britain a "fast-track" process if it wishes to re-enter the bloc

The union’s chief Brexit negotiator also finally admitted migration was the cause of last summer’s Leave victory.

Guy Verhofstadt said it was “always possible” the UK could re-enter the EU if the country does not enjoy going it alone.

He said: “They can always reintroduce a request for membership of the European Union. That is always possible.”

The MEP said he would even sweeten the deal by fast-tracking the country in order to get it back into the union as soon as possible.

He said: “Certainly, we have enough experience to make it a little bit a faster process than what is normal.”

Guy VerhofstadtGETTY

Guy Verhofstadt said migration was "very clearly" the reason for Brexit

When asked what explained the Brexit vote, the former Belgian prime minister said: “Mainly the migration. It’s very clear.”

And in an extract from his new book he warned he would fight to deliver a tough deal to the UK.

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He said: “If we’re soft now with Britain, giving it too much wiggle room to extract favours and deals, we will feed anti-European parties elsewhere in Europe and strengthen nationalists’ and populists’ belief that the EU is a doormat.

“The British referendum should lead to exactly that clear choice—between full membership, associated status, or no relationship at all."

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Theresa May met Donald Trump today to discuss their two countries' relationship post-Brexit

The controversial comments came after he said the European Parliament needed even more power over member states.

He said last month: “We have to build on the legacy of Martin Schulz. We need a president of the Parliament who will continue the pro-European forces in the Parliament and to create a more integrated union.

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Theresa May has promised to deliver a 'red, white and blue' Brexit

“The [European] Council will not help us in that, it is the Parliament who will help us regain the trust of the citizens. Let’s further have a political president, a pro-European to build up what is needed in Europe.”

He made a particular point of highlighting his desire to increase the Parliament’s financial muscle.

Mr Verhofstadt said: “We need a Parliament with real control over the European Commission. We need full budgetary powers, we are the only Parliament in the world that has nothing to say on income!

“This president needs to push forward these changes. There will be a need for a power shift from the council, who is mainly defending its own national interest, to the Parliament, who is defending European interest.”

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