Theresa May outrageously told by Alex Salmond ‘to NOT talk US-UK trade’ with Donald Trump

The former First Minister also warned the Prime Minister of going into negotiations with the US President “from a position of weakness”.

Speaking on LBC, Mr Salmond said: “I know this from personal experience. You never, ever negotiate with Donald Trump from a position of weakness.

"She should state clearly, unambiguously the points of disagreement…she should not, at any cost, bring up the supposed trade deal as her first point of business.”

The astonishing remark came after Theresa May confirmed on the Andrew Marr Show that she was jetting off to Washington this week to meet with the US President.

Theresa May and Alex SalmondGETTY • LBC

Theresa May was told to not bring up trade as her first point of business

The Prime Minister said she could discuss reducing trade barriers before Brexit as she confirmed she was to be the first world leader to meet the President.

Mrs May said: “We can look at areas even in advance of being able to sign a formal trade deal. Perhaps we could look at barriers to trade at the moment and remove some of those barriers to open up that new trading relationship.”

Despite the PM appearing positive about strengthening the ‘special relationship’ between the US and UK during her visit to the US this week, Mr Salmond also cast doubt about how the leaders would get on.

He told LBC: "I can't think of two people who are more polar opposites than Theresa May and Donald Trump.

"I can't think the small talk's going to be huge."

The former first minister also suggested Nicola Sturgeon would have no choice but to meet with President Trump.

"You've got respect the office,” Mr Salmond said.

"You can't ignore the President of the United States when you're in office."

It comes as Mr Salmond on Sunday suggested Britain was too weak to secure a favourable deal with the Republican and that he would exploit the vulnerable state of the UK.

Arguing the billionaire would turn on Mrs May the second she stood up for British interests, Mr Salmond told Pienaar’s Politics: “Everything is hunky-dory with the Donald if you agree with him.

“As long as things are going his way then he is nice but as soon as there is a disagreement, as soon as Theresa May tries to stick up for the UK’s interest, once you get to that point a different character emerges and it emerges very quickly.

“You should never ever do a deal with him from a position of disadvantage, you should never go into a relationship with Donald Trump from a position of weakness because if you do, you’ll end up losing not just a monopoly board but every property in it will be mortgaged.”

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The European Union-loving politician also insisted the PM’s willingness to do a deal with the outspoken President proved she was getting desperate to secure the UK’s position in the world as she prepares to trigger Article 50.

“Theresa May has got herself into a position, she is rushing headlong into a special relationship with a President who has far more people demonstrating against him, than who attended his inauguration,” the former SNP leader said.

“This is a very very difficult special relationship and it is a sign of the Prime Minister’s desperation.”

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